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'71 takes place over a single night in the life of a young British soldier (Jack O'Connell) accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971.
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By Saleem Frazer
"'71" feels like a modern day 70's action thriller classic. The first half of the film is filled to the bone with quiet character build up with a couple tension driven moments all leading up to one...

Powerful filmmaking

By rumbledoggie
71 is a tour de force, with a very strong, if unrecognizable cast. I had a little trouble following the allegiances of some of the characters, so pay very close attention to the skinny guys with...


By Hallrd
Gritty and intense. Captures the struggle in Belfast nicely. Storyline good but a little confusing at points. Ending is open ended, but appropriate. Left me wanting a little more. But, good movie...

thought provoking

By joecaffreynyc
amazing and well made...


By stansocks
It was a little confusing. You never really knew which side certain charachaters were on. Some of the dialog was not easy to understand....

Shockingly perfect

By b3autifullytia
It was perfect from beginning to end....

Tense and suspenseful.

By Squirrel Dude
Because "71" is one of those small, little independent movies, there's no much in getting the word out about it. I don't believe I ever saw a trailer for it? I saw it listed on Fandango and thought...


By Boy Richard


By Larry Hinman
Incredibly gripping. The first time in ages that I actually gasped during a movie scene....


By vrupcic
Great movie with a terrific cast...

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Rated R | For Strong Violence, Disturbing Images, and Language Throughout