What parents need to know

Parents need to know that 6 Souls (also known as Shelter) is a supernatural horror film with some scary imagery, such as a character's neck bending to an impossible angle and a young girl in danger. There's also gore, including bloody dead bodies (some of which are children) and crime scene photos. The main character is religious, and the movie suggests that people who lose their faith will be severely punished. Language includes several uses of "God," "Jesus Christ" and "hell," sometimes used in a religious context, as well as "s--t" and one use of "f--k." Some of the main characters are shown drinking, but not to excess and not often.
  • Families can talk about 6 Souls' violence. Is it necessary to the story that the young girl be put in peril? Could the same story have been told another way?
  • How scary is the movie? What makes it a horror movie, as opposed to a thriller?
  • Does the movie encourage faith, spirituality, or religion? Why or why not?
  • Is Cara a role model? Do you think she's intended to be?
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