A fell good movie you can take the family to

By jazzyroses13
Written July 31, 2014
I give this film 5 stars. This is a film that you can take the family to, excellent and writing. Even though you might know how the story ends you will be so caught up in the story you forget about it. This is a film that does what a film should was meant to does , you love the characters that you are meant to love and dislike the ones you are meant to dislike. You will want to see this film more than once.
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GREAT moview!!

By javerhoff
Written March 24, 2014
Being from New Mexico and being a horse owner, I loved the plot and it was great to see the rich snobs gets their attitudes handed back to them by being beaten by the underdog. Seeing people who worked for everything they had, putting it all on the line and winning with such a magnificent comeback was GREAT!! Every horse should see this movie.
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Fantastic movie, do not miss this one

By dacsmom
Written March 21, 2014
50:1 is a wonderful story about a true longshot. It was filmed on locations around the country and has an amazing cast that includes Christian Kane, William Devane, Skeet Ulrich and Todd Lowe. Do not miss this heartwarming true story.
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50 to 1

By weatherfran
Written October 08, 2014
You need to correct your rating of 50 to 1 as you indicate fans say no when every rating I see but for 1 fans say "I'm In". Not fair to the movie or the fans! I and all my fans are very excited about seeing 50 to 1!
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So Excited

By nikiortega
Written March 22, 2014
Love this movie!! Christian Kane, Skeet Ulrich, Todd Lowe, WIlliam Devane and Maddie Deutch are excellent in this movie, and to have the real jockey Calvin Borel is So Awesome!! It's a great underdog story that has such heart you can't help but love it!1
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