50/50 Synopsis
Learning that he has cancer, a young man (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) vows to beat the odds.
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50/50: A+

By MattH306
Great Movie. Resonates long after it ends....

Great movie

By stephen0118
When I first saw the preview for 50/50, I thought it was going to be an excellent movie, with some humor mixed in. After the movie came out and I read the reviews, I was worried because I was...

Sadder than the preview intimates

By mledward
I cried periodically throughout this movie-- I am a crier-- but I didn't realize going in that it was going to be quite so sad as it was. The previews showed a movie with a dark theme but...

Great Family Movie

By morgan23
This movie is fantastic, its a great comedy all the way thru even though its about someone who gets cancer i stayed in a good mood the whole movie it kept me and my family laughing i was there with...

Best movie in a while

By opti_prime
Although the plot line was a little predictable at times, the emotion and acting was great. Probably one of the best pictures of what it would look like for someone so young to get cancer....

Loved it

By psrock
One of my favorite films in a long time. I loved every minute, It's both great comedy and real and deeply moving. It's a great cast. Seth Rogan is always Seth Rogan, and that continues to work for...

Emotionally awesome

By saviahu
Very nice movie keep you involved. A very touchy topic still presented in a very funny way. Yet keeping it emotional too for a little bit....

I laughed and I cried.

By sadapooda
I laughed a lot in this movie. But you also have many heartfelt moments. I would probably go see it again and the sound track is great....

Definite GO.

By idontwatchmovies
It has it all: drama, romance (cliche, but still good), and comedy! Plus, Joseph and Seth are in it, so double plus. It gives perspective on a serious topic, while making it so you're not bawling your...


By Orna Yogev
A nice heart warming story of true friendship and deep caring. Although overly simplistic at times, still gets the point and is fun, despite the difficult topic....

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Rated R | For some drug use, language throughout and sexual content
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Common Sense Media says Cancer patient questions his life in mature dramedy.
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