(500) Days of Summer Synopsis
After his lover dumps him, a writer tries to figure out where their relationship went wrong.
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500 DAYS OF SUMMER. Rating: 80 over 100. Based on advance press preview.

Recently, I had attended the advance press preview of this CUTE quirky skillfully-directed 1.5hr romantic-comedy. Summer - the event we associate with the bounty and ripening of love - is the name of...

Not a love story...

By peachyevey
Or so they say in the beginning of the film. That's not true. It is a love story. It just doesn't go the traditional route. I actually really enjoyed watching 500 Days. Joseph Gordon Levitt and...

500 days of summer

By bambitochickle
i think it was a really, really done movie with lots of creative tidbits in it. The only thing that really got to me though was that it was a true-to-life film. The imagery switches back and forth...

Best Feel-Good Movie That I've Seen In YEARS!

By schleppenheimer
This is by far the best movie I've seen in a long time. I've been happy about seeing it for days now, still humming the soundtrack. This movie was funny, sweet, surprising, hilarious, and just the...

Not just a Chick Flick!

By Epiphone19
One of the best movies I've seen all summer! I was blown away by the director's clever way of filming select scenes and was all-around impressed by the quality of the film. It was funny, heart-felt,...

A wonderful story about love, that isn't a love story...

By movies-4-me
The movie starts with a dedication of sorts, and sets the tone for the whole movie. The rest of the movie is a non-linear voyage through the time of one man's relationship - or lack thereof - with a...


A joyous and honest portrayal of Los Angeles that I will return to view over and over again. With incorporation of animation, motion graphics, stellar performances from the entire cast, and a...

Very enjoyable movie

By Schofield1956
No, it's not a classic, but compared to some of the trash out there this summer, the movie is one that should be seen. It is the classic "boy meets girl" story, but told from the guy's perspective. ...

Poignant and wonderful.

By swingcopate
It's one of those movies that will either resonate with you...or not. But I think most people can identify with what this movie tries to convey (successfully, in my opinion). Personally, I went to...


By bluetearclown
One of the best movies this summer by far. I don't watch previews because they show too much of the movie and seem to give you a biased opinion on how you think the movie should go, but when you...

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Rated PG-13 | For sexual material and language
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