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If you see it, spring for 3D

By SteelerFanMom
Written December 26, 2013
We saw this in an early release so the only option was 2D. We all came away with the same comment: for a movie heavily reliant on special effects, they really were not very good. It has occurred to me since that it was designed really for the 3D viewer and those same effects might well be spectacular in 3D. Otherwise, it was a moderately entertaining movie with beautiful sets, costuming and an easy good v. evil storyline that doesn't really tax the imagination. So it was not a bad way to spend a couple of hours during the holiday.
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47 Ronin

By rlstroud1
Written December 27, 2013
Was not disappointed with this one. Great story! Not a lot of gore like most movies today and it did not need it. If you are not sure what to think on this one, go see it! Keanu does a great job in this one.
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47 Ronin.. practicly tasted the blood & felt the breeze from green drangon wings.

By jwahadaisolomon
Written February 08, 2014
Best movie i have seen in years. Speccial effects, fantastic..acting, so real was entralled. Too bad i had to see it on a blackmarket bootleg copy because no theater anywhere near me (i live in Maine), was showing it. Honestly thinking about taking 2 days and driving to Mass. just to see it in the theater though. :)
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By jamasia
Written January 13, 2014
i loved the movie. if you are into samurai, ninja-esque movies, you'll enjoy it. if not, this will bore you. i thought the story and characters were well developed. Keanu was good.
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47 Ronin

By judyjones799
Written December 26, 2013
I say "Go" it was a great story line and scenery was beautiful. Keanu did a great job and fits in these types of roles. I think the cast did a great job. I think Critics do not know what they are talking about and never go by their recommendations.,
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