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a failure to launch

By mberjaoui
Written December 30, 2013
its really sad to see such a great actor in a cheap cheesy production. not a drop of blood shown in a ninja movie???? the director should have watched the Last Samurai before doing this in which he would have discovered he has not talent to come close.
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Lots of action!

By vernita r
Written December 31, 2013
I enjoyed this movie.There was lots of action and I did not fall asleep once.Some parts were very sad and I cryed at the end.It is well worth getting out the house and going to see it.
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Not impressed

By kleosungazer
Written January 20, 2014
They really needed to pick one, either make it a historical film or a fantasy. They would start going in one direction then switch back to the other. It was hard to get into because of that fact. Then there was little effort put into developing the characters. During a good portion of the movie it was hard to identify who everyone was and what their role in the story is.
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A great lazy weekend movie

By BMovieBuffB
Written January 13, 2014
I went in to this movie with no expectations. Having lived in Japan for two years, and having studied the Tokugawa era in college, I had a background in the history and the folklore of the time. Having been told that this film would not offend my historical sensibilities, I went in for the pretty (namely Rinko Kikuchi). You know, Keanu Reeves was completely unnecessary, but I liked that they made this story, which is based on a true tale, more of a fantasy. To go through and explain the political climate of the time could have been tedious and boring, so the fairy tale elements were good for me. The film starts off a bit slow as it sets up the storyline, and the battles are never high-energy explosive, but things moved at a steady pace. Many characters were a bit one-dimensional, but their parts were well acted. It's perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon movie, and I would definitely see it again.
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Enjoyed it very much!

By jnyneal
Written January 20, 2014
Altho the setting looked more chinese than japanese, I liked that many of the characters were portrayed by real japanese actors. Grant it Keanu is Chinese Hawaiian, but he looks happa enuf to fit the 'half breed' character of course. I saw the original b&w japanese language version decades ago and this is certainly more digitally enhanced with special visual effects to boot! Nonetheless, entertaining all the same. My husband is a black belt martial artist and he enjoyed it even more than I did! Of course, I luv anything Keanu does! Glad we saw it @ the movie theatre and not on netflix.
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