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There is something wrong with this movie

By Serious_Movie_Fan
Written December 26, 2013
What was wrong with the movie? It wasn't the costumes, they were fabulous. The backdrop, magnificent. The acting? Definitely! The acting from Keanu Reeves was so very weak and the storyline was also weak, old and dumb! The Matrix made be a big fan of Reeves but not any more. I am sorry to say Keanu Reeves just can't act and is getting to old to play the bright eyed 20 year old with no sense. I am sorry I wasted my time and money with this movie.
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Great to See Keanu on Screen Again!

By karenkindler
Written December 26, 2013
The film 47 Ronin is a love story between a low-born man and high-born woman in a society where status rules and everyone has their place. Embedded within this love story is treachery done to, vengeance exacted by, and the heroism of 47 leaderless samurai. On the upside, this movie is quite visually interesting. It has stunning cinematography, gorgeous period costumes, and one of the most attractive cast members assembled for a film in a long time. The downsides to 47 Ronin are that it starts off a bit too slowly and a few of the special effects executed early in the movie border on mediocre, which led me to initially think that perhaps I'd wasted my money and time on this film. Lastly, the dialogue/writing is awfully bland and full of cliches. While its PG-13 rating allows for potentially reaching a broader audience, 47 Ronin could have been an even better movie, if they'd made it rated R and included more oomph to it. Perhaps their will be a director's cut released on DVD
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Enjoyed it very much!

By jnyneal
Written January 20, 2014
Altho the setting looked more chinese than japanese, I liked that many of the characters were portrayed by real japanese actors. Grant it Keanu is Chinese Hawaiian, but he looks happa enuf to fit the 'half breed' character of course. I saw the original b&w japanese language version decades ago and this is certainly more digitally enhanced with special visual effects to boot! Nonetheless, entertaining all the same. My husband is a black belt martial artist and he enjoyed it even more than I did! Of course, I luv anything Keanu does! Glad we saw it @ the movie theatre and not on netflix.
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One of the worst of 2013

By NeoOne
Written December 27, 2013
I cant believe there are some that actually liked this movie? I saw this the day before it's actual opening at a "sneak" preview at the Arclight Hollywood on Christmas Eve. I am a fan of the Samurai genre and was looking forward to this movie from the trailers I had seen. Unfortunately I was not aware of the production problems involved in making it. Whenever studio heads try to take creative control, it usually is the wrong move and when release dates are pushed back that generally means real trouble. On Christmas Eve I usually like to see a movie with a friend of mine. I wanted to see American Hustle but my friend noted that there was a sneak of 47 Ronin playing. As I was interested in the movie I agreed to see it. That turned out to be a bad decision. Instead of giving a long drawn out review here I will just direct those interested to a reveiw by Mark Olsen of the L. A. Times. His review is precisely what i felt about this movie. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND SEE SOMETHING ELSE.
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Really well done

By Hamstar
Written January 16, 2014
The critics who gave this movie crap are smoking crack. This movie was very well done! A fantastic story, well played roles, very striking visuals. I enjoyed it very much.
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