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A Respectful Hollywood Vehicle

By inwood212
Written December 28, 2013
The critics got this all wrong. While a Hollywood movie, we all know this revered tale is Japanese and they managed to get across that tone as well. No, it is not the dead-on Americanized version of an "action flick" (thankfully). It is gorgeous, with great acting and and integrity (as much as Hollywood can put into a multi-million dollar movie). I know that some were concerned about Keanu in this role. Don't be.... He does a fine, respectful job and the other cast members are perfect, all making for a wonderful team. Go see it. It is worth it.
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Fun movie!

By siogidgmovies
Written December 28, 2013
I had never heard the story while my husband had. He was dubious about the treatment of it.. until we went. We both really enjoyed the film!
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47 Ronin

By benastuart
Written December 27, 2013
It was based on a true story but hollywood added gui, but if you like things based in reality with a bit of fiction, it was great! They showed true Bushido in the movie
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Totally Awesome!!!

By auraman98
Written March 30, 2014
This movie was so awesome, it should only be in 3D. They have really cool costumes, best visual effects, and the story was brilliant. They also have really cool characters that it makes me that I want to be one of those characters for Halloween this year. Hope they have the costumes ready, because I want to be a samurai or a pirate this year!
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Accept what it is and enjoy!

By Morpheus_Prime
Written January 04, 2014
Enjoyed the movie. This type of movie suits Keanu Reeves very well. The visuals were excellent. The story line was entertaining. It was predictable, but fun to watch. If you like samurai action movies, it's a must see!
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