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Solid Actioner

By jbodre
Written December 26, 2013
47 Ronin was a solid action movie base in Japan. The story was interesting, some of the action scenes were nice, the acting and directing were solid. The best part of the movie was seeing Keanu Reeves fight the dragon at the end.
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Don't let the haters stop you

By freejacq
Written December 26, 2013
Go see the movie with an open mind. Ignore the inaccuracies in costuming, set, etc. and just take the movie in for what it is meant to be: a holiday action flick with special effects that appeals to a broad audience. Costumes - they were historically and culturally inaccurate but gorgeous! Set - Architecturally impossible but also beautiful. Casting - At least the credited cast were of Japanese descent avoiding the Memoirs of a Geisha debacle of using Chinese actors for the female leads. Finally, Keanu Reeves fans MUST GO see this. He is in just about every frame.
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Seppuku felt like an option half way through

By expat1968
Written January 19, 2014
The premise was great but the execution fell flat and almost amateurish. Even some of the special effects/CGI appeared rushed and not fitting for big budget blockbuster. I expected more and was disappointed.
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47 Ronin proves professional critics are morons!

By watsonelp
Written December 30, 2013
Before writing my review I took the time to read the professional reviews done by so called movie critics. These people have forgotten what going to the movies is all about. Instead Kim Newman chose to talk about 'symmetrical compositions' and Peter Debruge states 'the film struggles to grab and maintain audiences’ interest' as if he knows what is going on in the minds of movie audiences everywhere. 47 Ronin is a story, and a great story at that. The movie does a great job of telling that story and also offering wonderful visual effects that all supported the story and did not detract from it. I thought this was what good movies are supposed to do?!?! IF you like great stories with themes such as samurai, honor, swords, magic, tragedy, hope, love, and yes epic battles. You want to see this movie. IF on the other hand you are an insufferable prime donne like the professional movie critics who rated this film. Stay home and go rent Titanic one more time!
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47 Ronin

By teshat
Written December 26, 2013
My friend and I went on Christmas morning in 3D format. It was surprisingly good and woukd recommend this movie. It was beautifully shot and the costumes were well done. It is a must see.
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