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47 Ronin

By Maureen001
Written January 13, 2014
It's interesting to see a Keanu Reeves movie where he plays second fiddle to a large Asian cast. A lot more spiritual hokey-pokey in this version than the last but the action scenes are outstanding. Parts of the storyline lag, however, and I had a really hard time with the mass suicide at the end, in spite of the foreshadowing about honor and reincarnation.
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Amazing Action, Cinematography and Special Effects!

By cateyes7799
Written December 26, 2013
I really enjoyed this story; however, would have preferred a different ending. It's not for small kids under 13, as it has violence. The acting is very good.
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47 Ronin 3d

By dezign2the9z
Written December 26, 2013
My husband and I renewed our old tradition of going to the movies on Christmas Day. We decided to see a 3d movie with lots of action on the big screen. Well, 47 Ronin really fit the bill. We had not been to the movies in a loooong time and was eager to see how computer graphics had advanced. I was not really expecting a deep plotline so was pleasantly surprised to learn that the movie was based on an old japanese folk tale. The cinematography was awesome. I'm a landscape Architect so I enjoyed the beautiful scenery, the main theme being a japanese garden landscape with beautiful cherry blossoms. The story was very compelling and uplifting. I learned about the ancient Japanese traditions. The 3d effects were just perfect. Not too overdone. It was very action packed and had unique, realistically created creatures, I definitely recommend this for a fun day at the movies.
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Surprisingly well done

By Mipou1
Written December 27, 2013
Keanu surprised me with his performance in this role. The movie itself had enough plot material to have been even better (as good as The Last Samurai), but it falls a bit short of its potential. Keanu's acting was better than usual, and didn't make me want to smack him. He showed real emotional range.
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Don't listen to critic reviews. This is an excellent movie!

By TomHug
Written December 27, 2013
Wow. I am shocked by the bad critic reviews. I thought this movie was excellent. Compelling story. Special effects support but don't dominate the story. The acting is a bit wooden at times, but it felt stylistically appropriate and didn't detract from the movie at all. I think it is an intentional nod to traditional Japanese form, but what do I know? Frankly this movie reminded me of one of the "Lord of the Rings" movies, Japanese style. It is a complete and intriguing universe. The cinematography and artistic direction feel coherent and well conceived. I feel like the characters were well developed and we understood their point of views by the end of the movie. I loved this movie. The time passed without notice while I was immersed in it. I'd see it again.
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