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Go see it with no expectations and you will have a great time!

By The Happy Anarchist
Written December 25, 2013
One of the critics said the actors were too deadpan. Umm they're supposed to be Samurai. Hello? Anyway.... The costumes are colorful, completely over the top, and bizarre; the backdrops looks like they took Japan and added dozens of pagodas and craggy mountains everywhere; all the kimono are totally non-japanese and Hollywood embellished the original legend by adding magic, mysticism, and noseless tengu swordmakers (what the hell were they thinking?). I get why the Japanese, being traditionalists, would rush to the defense of one of their most treasured and nationalist stories by not seeing this film (why would you premiere this there?) But this is a western action film, and to find success as such, you have to play to asian stereotypes, mix lots of Chinese folklore in where it doesn't belong, make your villain a total parody, go overboard with special FX, etc. Think of this as a western take on a drunken retelling of the Kabuki version of the story, not Kurosawa epic.
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Great Movie........WOW

Written December 30, 2013
Although a bit slow in the beginning.....u quickly start to get involved with the movie and the main actor (Keanu Reeves) journey from childhood. Movie takes u on an awesome ride from magical to demons and the mystical....Movie left me inspired. Great ending great movie
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Great in Theatres

By sdmcmm155
Written January 17, 2014
While it was not what I expected, I did love the movie and would recommend seeing it in theaters. I do not think the tv could do it justice.
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Nearly A Waste Of Time..

By movie-pro
Written December 29, 2013
I generally like these types of movies, but I just could not get into this one. Alot of the dialog was very hard to understand and one of those kinda movies that's always dark or misty. Might make a good rental, but I would not waste my time or money to see it in a Theater. 2 out of 5 stars..
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Good Hollywood action film

By pyrotek18
Written December 31, 2013
As far as a manly action film this is good. Not sure if all the critics saw a different version this I but the action was good the CG was good. The acting was what I expected.
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