45 Years Synopsis
As their 45th wedding anniversary approaches, a woman learns that her husband was once engaged.
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no one in the theater appeared to like it except for one person!

By clamb31549
Even though the acting was quite good, the story was slow, boring and uninteresting. Was glad the movie was only 90 minutes long....

Dark and Depressing

By presfam4
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. The plot was extremely depressing. While the acting was good, it was not enough to make this film worthy of watching. My husband said the best thing...

To much left unsaid.

By sterlingllc1
We, and several others almost walked out, this was a very slow movie were you needed to suspend belief to get through it. From the scene where he gets the letter, she shows not one ounce of...

Big disappointment

By deny66
I really liked this kind of movie but was very disappointed by this one : not enough explanation of the past to understand the characters of husband/wife boring and depressing...


By IndieFanaticGM
A film with a tension that grabs you at your core. A brilliant work....


By tombyrom
This is, plain and simple, a terrible movie. Find something, anything, else to do. Recommend it to someone you hate. Once again, the critics have left their brains at the door....

45 Years

By Lburns31194
I read the reviews posted and almost did not go to this movie. But I am 66 years old and thought perhaps some maturity in life and relationships would make a difference to my take. Apparently, that...

A beautiful film

By markhite
A simple story except that Charlotte Rampling's face lets the audience into the depths of her being - every ripple of thought. A great movie and performance. A small epic. Don't miss! A must-see on...


By marba321
So disappointed in this. The story really didn't make a lot of sense that a marriage of 45 years could so easily fall apart based on a relationship that happened before they met. Save your time &...

Interesting, but deeply disturbing

By turtle0987

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Rated R | For Brief Sexuality and Language.
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Common Sense Media says Quietly powerful drama about marriage and memory.
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