A Lesson in Social Psychology

By vconte613
Written April 14, 2013
OK, most of us don't go to the movies to get college level lectures, we're there for entertainment right? But this movie is more than just attractive and absorbing, it's also a textbook case of how social groups evolve and values change. The movie could be faulted for painting such vivid good-guys and bad-guys. After all, in real life, human motivation is much more complex and interwoven. There is a tendency to attribute heroism and purity to the "good guys" and to show the dark characters of the story as stupid and small minded. If it lacks anything, the screenplay lacks compassion for the people resisting change. Yes, racism is a form of evil, no doubt, but who among us is not prejudice about something. As enjoyable and satisfying as this story is, it fails to point out the subtleties of change. If we see some people as heroes and virtuous, we tend to paint others as villains and foils. Go see this wonderful picture, just remember the truth about human nature.
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By amcopken1
Written August 24, 2016
I took my grandson to see this movie and we both enjoyed it. He is 8 years old and could not believe people were treated this way back then. I think he came away with a totally different attitude toward mankind. The next day I went to one of his baseball games and he was stealing bases just like Robinson.
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42 was fantastic

By mlalbrittain
Written February 26, 2017
We saw 42 yesterday and I was surprised how good the movie was. I laughed and I cried. Women will love this movie even if they are not baseball fans. I want to go to see it again. I know a lot of young kids around 10 that love baseball and want to see this movie really bad. The parents have to explain how the Racial problem was in 1947.
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One of the best

By bflatts
Written February 28, 2017
Movie was terrific for all audiences. It was great for baseball lovers or for history lovers. It was interesting and exciting. I saw 42 with a mixed audience and everyone loved it !
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42-the saddest movie

By karinagreer
Written May 30, 2016
I loved 42 so much and it really related back to Jackie Robinsons life. I did feel they used some words that weren't nessisary all the time. But u should go see it
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