Great movie, took my 9 year old...

By swimbc
Written August 27, 2014
DEspite the language, we had a lot to talk about after the movie, not only about baseball but about the realities of life in America both then and now... The movie was beautiful! I really loved the baseball scenes and the story was really telling. The ending was a little over the top perhaps needing more build up to give it the flavor of "The Natural." But I still loved the movie and recommend it whole heartedly.
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By gcn9800
Written April 14, 2013
What a great movie! Hard to believe what this hero had to endure only a few years ago! Great acting. Audience laughing, crying and clapping their hands. Strongly recommend!
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Great Movie!

By ginou
Written August 01, 2014
I didn't have any great expectations prior to seeing the movie, but I would definitely recommend this movie. Considering that we are in a society where athletes are placed on a pedestal, it was great to see that this was simply for the love of the game!!!
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A heart warmer

By paulaprek
Written August 01, 2014
In these days when it seems as though no one can get along...we need a movie like "42". Jackie Robinson was truly a gentleman and a hero, unlike any we see today. I laughed and cried!
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By grandparents123
Written April 13, 2013
This was a well done movie. I saw an interview with Harrison Ford and he said it was good for kids too because they can read about discrimination in that time but when you see a movie - you feel the experience. I whole heartedly agree. The vision Branch Rickey had and helped change the world as we know it today. We live in California and what we experienced here is nothing like the way it was in the South. Jackie Robinson was an amazing talented man. Quite the story..... You won't be disappointed in the movie..... Deeply Inspirational The loud audience applause agreed
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