3 Needles Gets 4 Stars!!!

By Tresalyn
Written December 05, 2006
Through three very different vignettes, the viewer is given a glimpse into how the AIDS epidemic is transmitted and perpetuated through choices made by characters in seemingly desparate situations. There seems to be no "milking" the audience for the obligatory cry, but rather the gravity of the circumstances presented are left to be their own commentary. Points of information rather than inciteful stirrings could best describe how the material is handled. Although there is a narrator, her position is decidedly inobtrusive, sometimes even humorous; but the humor is dark considering the subject matter. At the end of the day, one may walk away with a stronger feeling of social responsibility and perhaps a desire to make responsible choices or even coalesce to help in the struggle to bring AIDS awareness and prevention to more corners of the world.
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