3-IRON ~ for something COMPLETELY different

By lugubriousthespian
Written November 29, 2008
Asian filmmakers certainly have a pulse on the bizarre and beguiling when it comes to stories of the supernatural and as in this one, the sublimely romantic. Director Kim Ki-duk creates this mesmerizing tale of an abused wife ( Lee Seung-yeon of recent LOST fame ) finding comfort in a wandering, seemingly mute soul ( Jae Hee Son ) who moves from unattended house to unattended house for his lodging. Many coincidences find them struggling not only with their own identities but also their inescapable bonds to each other as the embittered husband attempts to wreak havoc on their newly found love. Certainly one you may have to watch a couple times to catch all the beautifully executed moments of near surrealism, but well worth the time!
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