By NicScorp
Written May 23, 2011
This was truly one of the best movies that I have seen in years. The chemistry of the actors in the movie was phenomenal. I enjoyed myself from start to finish. There were so many twists and turns and as a result, you will definitely go through a range of emotions while watching this film. I went on a date with a guy that I recently started seeing (he's40) and it was a great night. We left the theatre basically talking and laughing about the movie all night. Thing I liked best about it is that it is so real because it is exactly that kinds of things that we are going through at this stage in our lives so it's comforting to know that everyone out age is going through it. Plus, it was a good way for me to say without really saying, "Where is this going? We getting to old to be playing around!" Great storyline, wonderfully filmed, awesome cast, not too cheesing or overwhelming with the messages. Just great. Everyone should see this film.
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By tlbowman357
Written May 22, 2011
I liked this movie. It can be enjoyed by those that are married or single that have experienced that dating and marriage is, more often, not always the fairy tales that we dreamed they would be. I, being single, can relate to the difficulty of finding a mate, in the 30's age range. It makes you look at yourself and say "have I behaved this way before"? The movie was very funny, as well. It shows how life does not always turn out as we plan it and that we may evenually get what we deserve (Karma). The acting was great, as I expected from this start studded case. 35 and Ticking is a must see!
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Must See!

By composerboy
Written May 19, 2011
Hilarious and heartwarming! Kevin Hart and Nicole Ari Parker are fantastic, what a great ensemble of characters with great chemistry! The acting and directing were superb, the film also had a killer soundtrack and score. Definitely for anyone who is looking for both a good laugh and emotional depth.
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By cjanineb
Written May 29, 2011
Good movie with lots of laughs. Too bad it isn't marketed better because I believe it as good, actually better than many that are. Go and Enjoy!!!
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35 & Ticking review

By agentry01
Written September 13, 2011
Premise sounds more intresting than the movie was. It was okay. Some funny parts. Felt the acting could have been better with some of the more seasoned actors.
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