The jacket exploded, but the movie bombed.

By rockydoggies
Written August 26, 2011
I wanted to laugh and enjoy this movie, but it had a bad mixture of some dark comedy from Danny McBride's character. Aziz Ansari was hilarious. Dark comedy, like Observe and Report or The Cable Guy, just don't work. Change up McBride's character and maybe I'm sold. I like McBride, but his character was written wrong. For now, this movie is a bomb...pun intended.
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Great Movie!

By Brett G
Written August 13, 2011
Well played! Very funny and awesome fact... filmed in Grand Rapids, MI!! My home state. BTW stay after for an extra awesome scene!
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By suzie7610
Written September 01, 2011
My husband and I lasted 15 minutes then left. There was only one other person in the theatre besides us. It was nothing but foul language, nudity, disgusting scenes. The only language Danny McBride knows is foul. I've yet to see him in a decent movie. I like Jessie Eisenberg but was totally disappointed that he would even consider taking a part like this.
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30 min. or less

By lldot
Written August 14, 2011
great show funny a big A+ for this one . great intening,
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30 minutes or less

By better movies
Written October 23, 2011
A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, $$$, should be X-rated....WHAT SLEEZE. Watched maybe 1/2 hr and left. Find something BETTER to do with your time this ISN'T it!
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