Bloody hell a.k.a. Barrow...a great place to be

By cinnamonator
Written October 11, 2007
This movie is adapted from a truly groundbreaking comic by artist Ben Templesmith and writer Steve Niles. IDW Publishing, a comic book company sought a new artistic look and writing style that would set them apart. They found it with Templesmith and Niles in 30 Days of Night. From the trailer, many of the shots are composed the same way as panels out of the comic. Lighting and colors are very similar, and even the graphic art appears to be in league with Templesmith's style. This is a major plus, and an indicator that the production team has strove to stay as true to the comic as possible. If this is true then the movie will be just as widely loved and admired as the original comic series. An additional plus is that Steve Niles, the original writer, is also the headline screenplay writer for the movie. This means that the speech, characters, mannerisms, and plot will follow the original work. I am very excited for this movie as a fan of the comic and horror movies in general.
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One Bloody Mess.

By Daydream
Written October 20, 2007
Based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, 30 Days of Night had the potential to influence the vampire genre. The movie is set in Barrow, Alaska, a small town where once a year the sun doesn’t rise for a solid essential vampire haven. The “new” vampires were not impressive, screeching like pterodactyls and speaking a foreign language that seemed pointless and unnecessary. Sucking blood is no longer enough for these vampires; they literally eat the necks of their victims. This movie is full of gory violence and is one bloody mess. I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie and would not recommend it. This is a DVD rental at best, but even that is a stretch.
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By doktor
Written October 19, 2007
Was expecting a lot and was disappointed. Went to a studio preview and the under 20 crowd loved it but the over 30 crowed (me included) were laughing at moments that weren't intended to be funny. Its not scary. You do jump a few times when something flashes on the screen and the sound blares, but the same effect can be had w/ an air horn. The vampires are more corny than frightening and none of the characters engenders any sympathy or connection with the audience - you don't care if they die. There are also a lot of glaring technical holes, e.g. if you cut the power in a town, why are lights on in some places and why is the town lit as if by spotlights outside in the 'darkness"? On a personal note - I lived in Barrow, Alaska. Don't believe ANYTHING in the movie. They didn't even TRY to get anything right. Pity, it wouldn't have taken much and would have made for a better movie to get some things right.
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By stormy waters
Written October 19, 2007
I went to a special sneak preview of this movie and umm... it was really cool. For the people who are to scared to go, I have to say it wasn't that scary, it was just REALLY gory and violent. This was an action packed movie that is worth the price of an admission.
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Like the vampires it portrays, this film sucks.

By forloveoffilm
Written October 20, 2007
The premise for this project is promising and original. Sadly, that was the only original promise this film presents. Most, if not all of the set-ups are hackneyed clichés which have been used for over 100 years. While there are scenes of comic book violence, there is no suspense. Even the brutality is castrated due to the shaky camera during the attack scenes which is the same style as BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER (which was boring by the time the series ended nearly 10 years ago). The only performance which rang of truth was Min Windle, who only has one scene but gave this picture its only true note. The plot holes are so large that icebreakers could fit in them. The resolution is grainy, rendering no depth, leaving the audience as flat as the images on the screen. The ending is a total cop-out - in every sense of the term. Recommended only for the true completest who desires to see ever vampire movie ever made.
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