30 Days of Night Synopsis
Hungry vampires descend on a remote Alaskan town that goes dark for one month every year.
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Bloody hell a.k.a. Barrow...a great place to be

By cinnamonator
This movie is adapted from a truly groundbreaking comic by artist Ben Templesmith and writer Steve Niles. IDW Publishing, a comic book company sought a new artistic look and writing style that would...

One Bloody Mess.

By Daydream
Based on the graphic novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, 30 Days of Night had the potential to influence the vampire genre. The movie is set in Barrow, Alaska, a small town where once a year...


By doktor
Was expecting a lot and was disappointed. Went to a studio preview and the under 20 crowd loved it but the over 30 crowed (me included) were laughing at moments that weren't intended to be funny....


By stormy waters
I went to a special sneak preview of this movie and umm... it was really cool. For the people who are to scared to go, I have to say it wasn't that scary, it was just REALLY gory and violent. This...

Like the vampires it portrays, this film sucks.

By forloveoffilm
The premise for this project is promising and original. Sadly, that was the only original promise this film presents. Most, if not all of the set-ups are hackneyed clichés which have been used for...

Excellent Movie!

By SouthSide71st
I didnt believe a scary movie could be made in this day in age but David Slade pulled it off with perfection. This movie was just right not to long or short, and then to top it all off had a great...


By Tara Kathleen
I was a little scared it wouldn't be as good as the graphic novel but it was. it was mad creepy, but in a good way and the killing were brutally awesome. seriously see this movie...

Best Vampire Movie in Years

By prescrobot
This movie really surprised me - in a good way. My girlfriend wanted to go see it and i went just to make her happy. Personally i think good vampire movies are hard to come by and i am always...

Great adaption of the Graphic Novel.

By the_chris
Very good movie, If you're a big fan of the 30 days of night comicbooks like I am, you won't be disappointed. Seeing the ending come to life on the big screen by itself, made it worth seeing this...


A movie that's not afraid to be a different. While most studios releasing domestic horror films have been relying on remakes, torture, bad acting, and awful CG, this one has a unique premise...

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Rated R | For strong horror violence and language
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Common Sense Media says Very-bloody vampire movie lacks bite. No kids.
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