See 300: The IMAX Experience

By CuriousG2002
Written September 06, 2008
An epic tale of the battle of Thermopylae, where 300 of Spartas finest soldiers stood strong against the Persian Army led by the God-King Xerxes. This film pays hommage to the Greek culture while maintaining a highly visually appealing film. From the slow motion to fast speed fight sequences to the realistic looking brutality, this film will make you forget it is a film altogther and more of a first hand account. Seeing this movie on the IMAX screen added to the feeling of being a witness, rather than an audience member. This is the film to see.
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300 regular screening: awesome! 300 IMAX screening: terrible!!

By sek8
Written April 04, 2007
Due to a sold-out IMAX show, I went to see 300 on a regular screen. I loved it, on the regular widescreen format and very good audio at that particular theatre close to my home. 2 weeks later I decided to take a friend to see it at an IMAX screen in NYC. I was very disappointed. Basically it was "zoomed" in, like the zoom function on DVD players that enlarge the film image in the center but then you miss the rest of the surrounding frame. It was even worse during the great battle sequences that are very, very visual. The "zoom" effect made it practically a blur. Add to that the sound system in this particular IMAX theatre was not good at all. It was much clearer and louder at the regular theatre! I can only hope that other IMAX theatres are up to par but I don't think I'll be returning to the one I just went to. So 300 is excellent - go see it, but if you're in the New York area stick with a regular theatre, you'll enjoy it much more!
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By gyrosvegas
Written March 16, 2007
great action.....have to see it on imax!!!
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By ryangartner
Written March 20, 2007
Great action-packed movie. A must see!
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great movie

By bmichel
Written March 13, 2007
the movie was great. There was a lot of blood and guts. The IMAX was great. Any one that is alive should see this film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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