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Fantastic IMAX Experience

By douggramkow
Written March 09, 2014
Few movies are worth the extra expense to see in an IMAX 3D Experience. 300: Rise of an Empire was definitely worth the extra expense. I wouldn't have wanted to see it in anything less than IMAX 3D! WOW!
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Fight scenes are epic but plot leaves you "flat" from first 300 movie

By goodnplenty64
Written March 11, 2014
As always, the fight scenes were great but I found myself closing my eyes at many parts that were just flat. This definitely didn't have the thrill like the first movie (where I wanted to join King Leonidas and fight with him) and it was too close to the original except for the women all of a sudden becoming the warriors and in depth look into Xerxes and how he become to be. For those that are strictly into the bloody fight scenes then you should see this in IMAX but if you're looking for more than that, you may feel like I did.. what the?!
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Amazing cinematography

By yankeenatman
Written March 09, 2014
Very good film. yes its bloody violent but a good story. Incredible action scenes on the high seas, and Eva Green is one of the best villainess ever. Sullivan is the Jason Statham with swords, bow and arrow, and spear. See it in IMAX 3D
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By jdpulley252
Written March 07, 2014
Great must see movie! Would definitely recommend IMAX 3-D if possible. The only qualm I could personally see someone argue with is how the movie ended but overall GREAT!
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300:Rise of an Empire

By Raveonzeek
Written March 09, 2014
Great action movie that runs in parallel to the original 300. Less of a love story, but more of the action. A great naval battle as well. Effects were very cool. Just remember, this is an action movie and not a love story that many critics focus on. If you want, on the edge of your seat thrills - worth every penny. Especially if you have the opportunity to see it in a true IMAX theater.
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