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Not in the least necessary

By ophir6
Written March 10, 2014
Unnecessary story of different Greek warriors fighting poorly choreographed naval battles supposedly occurring at the same time the heroes of 300 were getting slaughtered by Xerxes. There is nothing new here worth seeing.
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Going for a second time!

By erenae
Written March 07, 2014
Anxiously waited and was not disappointed. It grabs & holds your attention from action-packed start to "just what you deserve' finish. Wanted to grab a sword and jump in!!
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300 meets expectations

By gwalton89
Written March 15, 2014
Good movie. Only a few outlandish moments where any intelligent person would say "yeah right". But all in all Zack Snyder comes through again. This story coincides with the first 300. It shows you what happened while the 300 Spartans stopped the Persians at the narrow corridor. Worth my money for sure. Enjoy!
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Great Action Movie

Written March 08, 2014
The movie was fantastic if you like a lot of blood, sex, war. I loved it! Sticking with 300, it was very bloody and graphic during fight scenes. There is a really hot sex scene and there is a lot more nudity in this film than the first 300.
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300: Rise of an Empire

By tcutler1984
Written March 11, 2014
While this is not as thrilling as the first 300 is not to say that this film isn't good. This film answers some questions introduced from the first film while also adding a couple more. The acting from Eva Green is amazing and Sullivan Stapleton does well also. What I liked about this installment was how the other greeks, the farmers, sculptors, and masons fought for their country, they may not be the warriors the spartans are but they definitely hold their own in battle. So really this film is a worthy follow up to the original. If you like action packed war movies this film is a must see.
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