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Not in the least necessary

By ophir6
Written March 10, 2014
Unnecessary story of different Greek warriors fighting poorly choreographed naval battles supposedly occurring at the same time the heroes of 300 were getting slaughtered by Xerxes. There is nothing new here worth seeing.
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300: Rise of an Empire

By xmanj007
Written March 09, 2014
Really got to the story line from the Greco-Persian war ( 2nd invasion ) pretty close but Artemisia did not die . I rate it a must see and will see it again !!!!
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Very much surprised with the 300

By akouman
Written March 10, 2014
A great movie. I wasn't sure what I was getting into but after seeing it I enjoyed every minute. The story line was extremely well created and I found it extremely enjoyable. I saw it in 3 D which was also a plus. I would go again and thought it better then the original 300. Its length of 143 minutes was just right any longer it might have started to drag on. This is one of those movies that you will either love or hate. I loved it!!!!
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Don't do it.

By greenberryiv
Written March 09, 2014
I may have a bit of a biased opinion on this seeing as how I didn't like the first '300' movie, but I promised the friends I went with that I would try to find something good about this movie...and I'm sorry to say that the only thing about the movie I didn't have much of a problem with was some of their outfits. Even then, couldn't been better! I give this movie an F-. Better luck next time.
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Save this one for Netflix/Redbox

By mkkimball
Written March 07, 2014
It wasn't bad but not nearly as good as the first. More time was spent showing closeups of the battle kills than telling the story. And sadly, the actors chosen are largely forgettable.
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