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300 What?

By dd_chapman
Written December 09, 2014
I say that because this movie was not about the Spartans. It was about the Athenians who wanted the Spartans to fight with them against the god king but they wouldn't. So Lena Headley is given way too much script to talk talk talk talk in the front of the film and at the end. However, there are no Spartans. So what was great about it? It had action, violence, and a over the top sex scene. It was film in the style we were use to seeing in the first film. It was just missing a point and a story line that didn't make you want to go to sleep. Most important was this film missed the chance to finish telling the story of the Spartans and their war against King Xerxes. If you have a couple hours to kill this is fine, but this movie wasn't a sequel.
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Not the movie we hoped for

By dderyck
Written March 09, 2014
After having really enjoyed the first installment in this series, we were eager to see 300: Rise of an Empire. Unfortunately, this movie didn't even come close to living up to up to our expectations. We felt the script must have been thrown together at the last minute. The dialogue and script simply put ~ just sucked. Completely forced together and very unrealistic.
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Super Good.

By jbodre
Written March 07, 2014
300: Rise of an Empire was a superb film. This film had a very solid plot, the directing and cinematography were amazing. Sullivan Stapleton and Eva Green had really good performances. But the best part of this film was the hard action from start to finish.
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By smtwaytwofast
Written March 08, 2014
The first 300 movie was pretty good, it was a historical viewing of the Spartan 300. However, this sequel to the 300 was not as good at all. 300-2 was not realistic at all, the naval battles was great, but to ride a horse over a bunch of sinking ships, no, ain't gonna happen... Not for Families, breast scenes, sex scenes, just doesn't seem realistic. Graphics were great, would have been a great movie if the realism would have been kept instead of making it seem so fake, and vulgar.
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Its still a good movie

By chill24
Written December 09, 2014
I saw this movie on Thursday night. Excited and not sure what to expect. Well, to be frank, it was a really good movie but it wasn't really great. I understand that you have to get most of your cast/actors in shape, trained and coordinated for the filming but I think that they took too much time in releasing this movie and not striking while the iron was hot. Meaning taking to long between the first 300 and this one while the hype was still going about how awesome the movie was in its introduction. If you have time see it, if you are a dedicated fan...see it. If you like to see a movie without much thinking but raw action....See it. I am not taking anything away from this movie, again it is really good. I am sure you will find a scene for you that may make you laugh, cry, bite you lip, or cheer.
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