Don't listen to the critics

By TopBull1
Written April 16, 2016
Go see it. Funny, sort of spoofy action movie with an engaging father/daughter story line that ends up being the focus of the movie. It doesn't take itself seriously, nor should you....just sit back, laugh and enjoy. I think teens through seniors would find plenty to entertain in this movie. Amber Heard appears from the trailers and promos to be a main focus, but she's really only a side character...there for the eye candy, but we all agreed the only disappointment in the movie. Our group of four adults all thoroughly enjoyed and laughed throughout. Hilarious scene about squatters and the French in the beginning. And Kevin Costner is his usual charming self - no matter what the critics think!
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A positive review..!

By DocHalle
Written April 16, 2016
I still went to see the movie altho there were a lot of negative comments. I loved the acting. It's sort a Mon ,Dad & Daughter re-union movie. I'm over 50 & I thought there were many adult scenes that tougched the heart. And btw........Wife.......I'm a secret govt agent...& I do bad things. It really keeps moving along. It's in Paris, some beautiful scenery. A bit of a spoiler........sort of. Bodies are every where. There isn't really more than a one line plot..But ladies if U like Kevin Costner as a Man's Man..Costner looks pretty good. Get a big popcorn & a soda and ck it out. Did U like Bull Durham?
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Three days to kill

By lnevillesmith
Written February 22, 2014
This was an action packed, edge of the seat movie that combined the softer side of human nature that needs care, love and emotional attachment. It did have the connotations of what our CIA and other off the line agents go through, one might be married but the spouse and children can never know what your job is. One of these people really must follow the adage, never carry your work home with you. If you like a suspense filled movie, full of thrills, yet showing the human side at the same time, THIS is a must go see movie. 4.5 stars rating from us four
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No reaction on the faces of the people who saw the film before me.

By momane
Written April 16, 2016
The film had a great title. I really thought this was going to be a really good action film. I didn't like the film. The acting didn't seem realistic, it felt as if they were just reciting their lines. It seem very confusing,and the storyline was bad. The action was so-so. This film is for teenagers and adults. However, I would not recommend this film to my friends .
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One of the worst movies I have seen in a loooong time.

By jacobsonjodi
Written August 17, 2014
Horrible movie. Stupid plot, unbelievably bad dialogue (just so pat and mundane I can't even waste time describing it) and really poor acting. The whole thing was stupid. Don't waste your money or your time.
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