2 Guns Synopsis
Undercover agents from competing bureaus go on the run together after an assignment goes haywire.
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Marzel? DenMark? Whatever... It (Almost) Works!

By MedRed
2 Guns was better than expected. Denzel Washington does most of the heavy lifting on the acting side. Bill Paxton also serves up a convincing role. Though Wahlberg isn't the strongest actor, he...


By rmc843
The banter between Wahlberg & Denzel was perfect! We enjoyed the movie a lot! Very different for the 2 of them & well worth seeing. Many good actors to fill the cast. I think you'll find it...

2 Guns - Great Fun!

By jim464
This was a fun movie from a lot of different perspectives. Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg both have great on-screen presence and their banter throughout the movie is what contributed to the high...

Good Twist - Pretty Funny

By briaudit
The movie has good entertainment value. It was funny, didn't drag and had a good plot twist with a fun ending. The actors did a great job in their roles and I didn't think the violence was over the...

enjoyable for what it was

By sawhite2
This is a typical shoot 'em up movie. Plot is decent and high action - although shooting scenes are contrived as usual. No way that many bullets could fly and neither "good guy" get hit (assuming you...

Great Movie, Very Funny

By cchecat614
My husband and I saw this movie and loved it. It had a great story line & the actors are so funny. Highly recommend seeing this movie....

ahahah no no insulting

By exp93
wahlberg was ok as annoying character but without him there is no movie. Paula Patton i had a crush on until this movie..she cannot act. Denzel, stop letting your son pick your movie roles. at the...

Loved it

By Yibbage1
Denzel and Mark were both great, yeah it's a somewhat predictable story but that did not lessen the fun and my enjoyment. Edward James Olmos and Bill Paxton both were also great....

2 Gun - worth a shot

By senior fan
Academy award material it's not. Fun it is for sure. the chemistry between Mark and Denzel is great, the dialogue clever and you are always in doubt who to trust and how it will end. Is there a...

Just awesome!

By lto2633
I think most people will say that Mark shined and Denzel was his usual magnetic self. Just makes you want to be both of them in real life! Thoroughly enjoyed!...

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Rated R | For Violence throughout, language and brief nudity.
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Common Sense Media says Violence, nudity in entertaining-but-cliched action comedy.
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