if u haven't seen this movie, please read this!

By CradleOfFilth52493
Written September 21, 2008
there r sum good things bout this movie nd there r a few bad things bout this movie, but ill start with the good first, the movie dus give u the creeps while u watch cos the infected move really fast nd they have blood on their face nd red eyes nd the movie ets very intense nd interestin wen jim gets revenge on the soldiers who betrayed him. sum parts were kinda brutal wen jim stabs one of the soldiers eyes with his thumbs nd wen the infected started to the soldiers but the bad things bout the film were tht the directr forgot bout few things while makin the film, its been a month nd people were killin each othr nd a riot but wen jim nd othrs went inside the grocery store the lights were still on so theres still electricity in the city nd wen jim got the gurls they didnt want to go bak to kill the infected they just left the mansion so the endin would piss u off but anyways its still a good movie
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28 Days Later...'A must own & see!

By Javajive
Written March 12, 2010
I'm "pleased" that I found/added this chilly Horror/Sci-fi "Classic" to my Movie/DVD collection: 28 Days Later Starring Cillian (has amazing rain-diamond eyes/beautiful) & Naomie Harris (lovely beauty) are truelly "bold & captiviting" in this scary-origional Zombie adventure movie that came out in 2003, I think. Great movie and spectacular storyline.
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By Zombie_master_1322
Written April 09, 2009
I'm liking the concept of the running zombies but come on "the rage virus?" they really need to expand into the whole "sickness" behind it. now would i spend my money to rent it if i knew this ya probably but its not a must see
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Five Word Review

By jthom1285
Written March 16, 2010
Ultimate Fright Action Movie Awesome!
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my 28 days later review

By lord-o-movies
Written July 26, 2008
great horror movie some people would call this movie boring but the real reality of it would be terrifying and everyone was really good in this movie
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