awesome Sequel

By donnajay
Written October 08, 2014
I wasn't sure if I was going to like it from the previews, but it was frickin funny... got to say slow in the beginning but well worth it!
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A Scream!

By Parsonian
Written April 13, 2015
This movie is a guilty pleasure. So STOOPID, but SO funny. Hill and Tatum are a great team. There is nothing cerebral about this comedy. It is not clever. It is not subtle. The plot is nothing to write home about. The patter between Hill and Tatum is natural, though, and the gags are really, really funny. It is often sophomoric, but that's the point. If you don't like physical comedy, sit it out. If you do, SEE IT!
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22 JumpStreet

By lesjay2008
Written August 17, 2014
Funny movie, definitely one to own on DVD.
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By rodrimc723
Written August 05, 2014
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Just As Good If Not Better than the First!

By slacker4life
Written June 16, 2014
Pay attention to the small jokes in this film because those are some of the best ones in the film! Great puns to their actual lives as well. All around a hysterical film that I can see again and again. Already seen it twice during opening weekend!
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