21 Jump Street Synopsis
Two cops working under cover at a high school must confront their teenage issues all over again.
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Lived up to the hype

By johnsonj0712
Hill and Tatum were freakin hilarious!!! The one liners had my wife and I rolling through the whole movie. Jonah finally gets the nerve to shoot his gun and you will not be able to stop laughing. The...


By silharder
I didn't know what to think when I heard there would be a 21 Jump Street movie...but I'm glad they went there. It would have been a tall order to bring such an iconic show from the 80's to the big...

Andam Sandler Slapstick meets "The Hangover"

By taterbell88
So funny...laughed the whole way through~ Some parts will have u rolling!! Stupid funny! Was suprised Tanning was able to to pull off "funny" so well!...


By havokndc
I was skeptical about this movie, I debated between this and Project X. I was pleasantly surprised. I"m not a big Channing Tatum fan but he is DEFINITELY a good comedic actor. This movie was...


By villanueva_cat
21 Jumpstreet was so funny. I loved it! Hadnt laughed like that in along time. The ending was killer!! Cant wait to see more movies with Johan & Channting together. Good partnership....


By MoeStuart
This is such a funny movie! Everything about it is perfect. You care for the characters and are laughing with them throughout the while thing! I loved it! Everyone needs to see it!...

21 Jump Street

By NickLidstrom5
21 Jump Street is the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. Laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. Never watched the show before, but the movie was awesome....

21 Jump Street

By sheranth
When I found out we were going to see 21 Jump Street last night, all I could think was "Great, another boring movie" as I only knew the name Channing Tatum from dance drama movies, boy was I...


By Virgokimmi
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum rocked the sh$t out of this movie! So funny right from the beginning. The music, script and story was hilarious and they really pulled off he funny! The whole theatre...

5 out of 5

By erikoak55
it is incredibly funny. One of the funniest ive seen in my life. its basically hangover funny type level. Make sure you go to the bathroom beofre u watch the movie cuz you ll probably went ur pants...

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Rated R | For Drug Material, Crude and Sexual Content, Pervasive Language, Some Violence and Teen Drinking
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