By MedRed
Written March 21, 2013
This movie has been out for a couple of weeks, but I decided to see it today. 21 and over doesn't stray from the formulaic coming of age party movie we've seen from American Pie through Project X. While not as adventurous and grandiose as Project X, nor as comedic and groundbreaking as American Pie, 21 & over does bring the laughs and the uncomfortable moments. Everything is predictable and not very much is believable, yet if this is your genre of movie, you will enjoy it. Be forewarned, there are a lot of bare male butts in this movie! There are no scenes after the credits. If you like my reviews, add me as a fan. I'll add you back!
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By SpiritMatter
Written March 13, 2013
This movie was a tease for twenty something freedom. There was no sex and no drugs other than alcohol and a generous helping of potential deadly violent behavior. The arrogant self-righteous wolf shepherd establishment's best argument against the sheep being free is showing the sheep all running off of a cliff. The best arguments against alcohol are those alcohol users who abuse alcohol and ruin their lives and others. The truth is they exist but the overwhelming majority of users enjoy alcohol or any other recreational chemical responsibly. It is not the burned out drug user who is able to afford to import billions of dollars worth of drugs into the country. Those users are under the radar because they use it without being noticed. There is such a thing as responsible sex, drugs and rock and roll but the wolf shepherds will not allow that to be seen in mainstream media.
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21 & under, no parents allowed

By everyweek60706
Written March 04, 2013
Late for Argo (2012), so this had to do, but it was much better than expected. Obviously influenced by Hangover (2009), Superbad (2007), Project X (2012), and countless college movies in between and not even breaking new ground, it was nonetheless enough to keep me awake, make me laugh, and even garnered some actual applause - very rare in recent memory. From the credit roll on there is a grounded quality and a measure of sincerity that are disarming. As a parent you don't want to remem.. er, know what goes on in colleges and you probably don't want your son or daughter to take this to heart. Neither do I. So don't go.
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Wow really waste of money

By SkinDaNFC
Written March 10, 2013
I wanted to see life of Pi but nooo my friend wanted to see this crap. The asian dude was funny... and few funny parts but definitely not worth my 15 bucks
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21 & 0ver..

By kjbaroness
Written March 10, 2013
Under impression going into the movie it would be similar to the Hangover. How very far from the truth. Most of the funny parts were shown in the previews. Super Glued Teddy bear scene was funny, I must admit. Acting/dialog was so-so, predictable. Would have felt better waiting til it was out on DVD or Netflix.
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