Not the best

By von2251
Written July 30, 2016
I liked the hangover movies a lot better than this one, in fact I found this slow and boring, and I didn't laugh that often. I was disappointed.
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By SpiritMatter
Written March 30, 2017
This movie was a tease for twenty something freedom. There was no sex and no drugs other than alcohol and a generous helping of potential deadly violent behavior. The arrogant self-righteous wolf shepherd establishment's best argument against the sheep being free is showing the sheep all running off of a cliff. The best arguments against alcohol are those alcohol users who abuse alcohol and ruin their lives and others. The truth is they exist but the overwhelming majority of users enjoy alcohol or any other recreational chemical responsibly. It is not the burned out drug user who is able to afford to import billions of dollars worth of drugs into the country. Those users are under the radar because they use it without being noticed. There is such a thing as responsible sex, drugs and rock and roll but the wolf shepherds will not allow that to be seen in mainstream media.
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IQ Required: 21 & Under. Tedious, Unfunny…An Insult To Young People Everywhere.

By Al P
Written March 03, 2013
At least once a year some film outfit puts together a drunken and drugged male sex hunt film starring fresh-faced, wise cracking, young people starving for a chance to gain an audience demographic so much that they'll stoop to pandering to the lowest common perception of today's youth and party scene. Frankly, while I admire all young talent trying to nail a career in film, this subject matter is a poor launch vehicle in my opinion. Films like this encourage young people, those who identify with these on-screen kids as peers, to over indulge in drugs, alcohol and all around socially reprehensible and morally irresponsible behaviors. Just because the film makers cloak their pandering in guise of comedy does not make it OK. Sometimes these films work and work well, as in last year's "Project X," whose parody was acceptable without pandering. Sadly, this film doesn't and as a consequence, is a glaring example of all things wrong in Hollywood. Skip it. You'll be VERY glad you did.
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21 and Over

By jrounds728
Written May 24, 2017
If you like seeing a naked drunk urinating on patrons while standing on a bar or think that doing so is funny this film is a must. The humor here is not close to The Hangover which was a great flick.
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21 & under, no parents allowed

By everyweek60706
Written June 23, 2017
Late for Argo (2012), so this had to do, but it was much better than expected. Obviously influenced by Hangover (2009), Superbad (2007), Project X (2012), and countless college movies in between and not even breaking new ground, it was nonetheless enough to keep me awake, make me laugh, and even garnered some actual applause - very rare in recent memory. From the credit roll on there is a grounded quality and a measure of sincerity that are disarming. As a parent you don't want to remem.. er, know what goes on in colleges and you probably don't want your son or daughter to take this to heart. Neither do I. So don't go.
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