Wow really waste of money

By SkinDaNFC
Written March 10, 2013
I wanted to see life of Pi but nooo my friend wanted to see this crap. The asian dude was funny... and few funny parts but definitely not worth my 15 bucks
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21 & 0ver..

By kjbaroness
Written March 10, 2013
Under impression going into the movie it would be similar to the Hangover. How very far from the truth. Most of the funny parts were shown in the previews. Super Glued Teddy bear scene was funny, I must admit. Acting/dialog was so-so, predictable. Would have felt better waiting til it was out on DVD or Netflix.
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Andy Hardy Clones in 2013?

By jtlabelle
Written March 18, 2013
Strip this of the nudity and coarse language and you could well be watching a 1930s or 1940s comedy or even a later day Dobie Gillis extended TV epsisode about late teenage angst and living up to parents' expectations. Enjoyable movie, yes; memorable movie, no! Avoid if frontal nudity, scatological humor and projectile vomiting are not you idea of classic cinema.
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By setivani
Written March 10, 2013
Very funny movie for all adults. Went with my 19 year old son and had a great time.
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A must see!!

By Simply_Sissy
Written March 23, 2013
21 and over really catches the college life parties and pranks that are pulled. What better way for 3 friends to spend a birthday lol.......The cast seem to be perfectly picked for each part. I loved it although I do not recommend it for younger audiences due to the language and nudity in some scenes.
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