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By argmiami
Written April 13, 2008
La pelicula esta basada a jovenes guapos e inteligentes, matematicos al fin, donde ellos tienen la capacidad de saber cuales cartas faltan y al mismo tiempo ganar mucho dinero en la Vegas, pero se tropiecen con hobe que tambien se hizo rico porque conoce el formato atravez de un profesor de una universidad, la pelicula tiene un poco de suspenso,veanla.
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1st time was good, 2nd time was great

Written March 21, 2008
I saw 21 at the Boston Premiere and the New York screening. This film has great characters -- Ben and Micky are rich and go beyond your standard hollywood cut outs. What is at premise a story about some kids who make a lot of money and a great time counting cards, is more about sticking to your values and getting respect. It doesn't hurt that Kate Bosworth is cuter than ever in this flick.
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Mediocre and boring.

Written March 27, 2008
Just saw the free press preview of this glitzy luke-warm yarn that was loosely based on the novel "Bringing Down The House" which in turn was based on actual real-life card-counting capers of a group of MIT students in the 90s. This tale is told against the backdrops of bling-bling thrilling adrenaline and greed-fueled colorful Las Vegas and the stoic academic somber Boston - centered around young naive Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess) (gifted with extraordinary card-counting ability) and his team of card-counters led by Professor Mickey Rosa (Kevin Spacey). Here's the DEAL:- The blackjack games were lack-luster in presentation, and missing suspense. The major characters were never fully-developed - presented two-dimensionally - you'd most likely half-heartedly root for our young protagonist. I actually found myself rooting for Ben's geeky best friends played by Josh Gad and Sam Golzari. They've a fun gadget. The movie is wayyy too long at 1 hour and 58 minutes! YAWN.
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Lots of Flash but little else

By RandytheMovieFan
Written March 29, 2008
I really liked Jim Sturgess in Across the Universe and so am happy to say his performance in 21 reinforced how appealing an actor he is. I could forgive his English accent sneaking in a couple of times. The rest of the cast, though, was given little to do except portray cardboard characters and stereotypes. In general the movie was not very engaging - the sneak preview audience streamed out quickly and without much enthusiasm when the movie ended. Even Kevin Spacey seemed to be phoning it in, and the tension he attempted to infuse was almost laughable. My date said there was a lot less drama in the book, which may explain how contrived the movie seemed after receiving the Hollywood treatment. If you really want to see this movie, for example because you read the book, I'd say save your money and wait for it to come out on DVD. Should only take about a month.
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By garry_7984
Written March 26, 2008
I was one of the students protrait in the movie. It was like watching myself again 20 years ago. I was indited on 5 counts of trespassing, and money laundring. Overall, Vegas can still be taken. Today, I frequent Indian Casno's around the west. Typical weekend take is 30 -40 grand. Life is good, you to can make it, just "count the cards ". Vegas Baby!
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