• Psychological Drama
    Marriage Drama
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The made for TV 20 Shades of Pink stars real-life husband and wife Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson as a happily married blue collar couple. Wallach is perfectly content to work as a house painter, but Jackson, hoping to fatten the family bank account, talks her husband into opening his own business. The pressure of being one's own boss, coupled with Wallach's middle-age angst, gives Jackson good cause to regret her ambitions. The advertising copy for 20 Shades of Pink asks "How can you get mad about a dream?" We're sure that the stars will find some way. Keenan Wynn, Edward Binns, and sportscaster Jack Whitaker costar in this GE Theatre presentation, which was first telecast March 12, 1976. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

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