20 Feet From Stardom

By gfan1966
Written July 27, 2016
The film was very enjoyable. A must for any fan who appreciates the work of the background singer and the trial and tribulations that they've gone through.
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Outstanding film: "20 Feet from Stardom"

By LovePoem
Written October 01, 2016
Here's a movie with all the ingredients one could ask for: Virtuoso film making, fascinating topic, unflagging momentum, compelling subjects who are fleshed out so you really care about them, a story you will never forget. Interweaving multiple narratives and vintage footage, this documentary places front and forward the lives, the talents, the professional triumphs and heartbreaks of half a dozen backup singers to the well known names of the music world over the past 40 years. After seeing this documentary, you will never again hear or watch a pop performance without sparing a thought for the nameless singers, the backups, who are such an essential part of not only a hit song's success, but that of the principal singer's career. This is a deeply moving film in both its human dimension and its engrossing musical survey. In a season when almost every movie in current distribution is the pits, "20 Feet From Stardom" shines like an ingot of gold. Don;t miss it.
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Insightful, poignant & entertaining

By strykerwww
Written December 06, 2016
Really enjoyed seeing the talent of the people who back-up the stars. I've wondered for a long time who the talented singer was who sang Gimme Shelter with Mick Jagger. This movie is also a great life lesson that you may be "as or more talented " than better known stars but sometimes that's still not enough to be as successful. Music was great too. Go see this!
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20 feet from stardom

By Vpg
Written April 30, 2017
Great movie. Some of the music was spectacular. I'm a great Darlene Love fan, but I was surprised at how talented some of the others were.
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See it

By bww226
Written August 12, 2013
Thoroughly enjoyed this especially because it reflected on "my" era and heroes.
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