• Released
  • July 13, 2012
  • (Houston; 7/27 Limited)
  • PG , 1 hr 27 min
  • Culture & Society
    Politics & Government

You don't know him.

By Gramboice
Written August 26, 2016
Using parallels between his own life experiences and those of Obama, D'Souza presents a thought-provoking film about the possible goals of the current administration and where they could lead us if Obama is re-elected. Very interesting, well made documentary, and eye-opening. Everyone should see this before the November election!
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Very illuminating!

By riversandmountains
Written February 28, 2017
Clearly a lot of research went into this film that everyone who is eligible to vote should see. I'm thankful that accomplished film producers in Hollywood have generated a documentary to provide great information in a non partisan manner. This is a MUST see! This President's fingerprints will be on all of us for generations to come. He was swept into office on a tide of hope, change and transparency that has turned out sadly to be everything BUT those things. Its hard for me to believe we elected a man to be President who did not grow up saying the pledge to the flag or singing the Star Spangled Banner. He didn't grow up in a household with his elders telling American stories or feeling civic pride during hometown parades. Its just amazing we did this to ourselves.
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I'm a democrat but this movie made me think....

By lanell63
Written January 23, 2017
I've always been a strong democrat who always voted along party lines regardless of who was running - until now. I viewed Obama in 2004 as the solution to everything. How wrong we all were!!!!! After seeing this film, I now have a clear understanding of what he's doing and WHY he wants to do it. Anyone, but especially liberals, who denies this movie is based on facts is just as blinded as I once was. Nothing could sway me before, either. However, when I actually opened my mind and actually thought about the PEOPLE behind the D's and R's, I was shocked to see the truth about some of them....especially Obama. Im still a democrat, but definitely a wiser one. I'm disappointed but also excited to know I am now open-minded enough to seek the truth...wherever that truth may lead.
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Should be required viewing for every American and every student from 3rd grade up.

By autospatlc
Written January 22, 2017
A registered Independent, I have tried to view President Obama with an open mind. But I have struggled for almost 4 years to make sense out of many of his actions as President. 2016 Obama's America has finally given a framework with which to understand: his rude and shabby treatment of our greatest Mideast ally, Israel; his seemingly unnecessary return of Churchill's bust - an insult to England, our single greatest ally in the world; his weak and apologetic demeanor when on the world stage when speakIng of behalf of our nation; his complete disregard for our nations spiraling debt - spending like a drunken sailor to the peril of our political strength and standing in the world with a deficit so crippling it will soon not only cripple our 'present' but completely annihilate our future; and his strong-arm, Chicago "thug" mentality and methods in securing passage of Obamacare - at complete odds with the MAJORITY of American citizens and values. His idealogy is truly the "enemy within".
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Must see before you vote

By phyllisshilling3
Written December 08, 2016
I was so excited the Silverado in Tomball Texas was playing this movie. I heard so much about the movie and as expected was not disappointed. I feel it's imperative every American voter see this movie to understand the Obama we never knew.
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