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  • July 13, 2012
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A must see movie for everyone!

By ongab
Written July 28, 2015
Are you American, love your country and believe in Democracy? Then this is a must see movie for you! Actually, this is a must see movie for everyone! A well balanced movie by someone who truly understands and appreciates what this country has had to offer to the rest of the world.
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By kingspiter
Written November 22, 2014
I Saw it tonight. However before I leFt to see the movie, I read every negative review i could find on this sight including the news articles available within this sight. What occurred to me after seeing the movie is that those who critcized the movie either didnt see it, or support the change from which obama campaigned on. You remember his slogan..."hope and change". I think the movie shed a great deal of light on this. Now i admitt that i did not vote for obama. However...i dtd have hope for him, I just did not know what change he was talking about. Almost 4 years later i now understand. so i will leave you with a couple of things to think about before you go. First, The things that seperate us as a people is not race or color. It is morals,values and beliefs..including the belief that the USof A is an "Exceptional country" Second, if you taxed the rich 100% of their income,you would only pay for a few days of our federal spending...cont
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By popsy
Written June 25, 2016
What I expected was a dramatized script of anti Obama rhetoric, what I got was well thought out, well documented and wonderfully organized thought. I didn't feel that Dinesh even had a beef with Obama with his writings, I came away much more informed because it was all laid out in clear transparency. I've felt a less than enthusiastic President of these United States and now I totally understand why. What I don't understand is how anyone would vote for a person who simply doesn't love America; who doesn't see America where all are free to pursue their dream; a man that sees government as the guardian of all. I enjoyed the question and following answer that Dinesh asked: "Has racism in this country kept your son or daughter from pursuing his dream? Has it kept my son or daughter from pursuing their dream?" Of course the answer is "no"!! You must see this movie. Learn more about the man you might have in the most powerful position in the world, I dare you!!!
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2016 Obama's America

By alosbornjr
Written May 04, 2015
I went to see 2016 Obama's America because it promised to provide the vetting that the media never provided during his 2007 campaign. The advertisement said, "Love him or hate him, you don't know him." Based on the movie, I would agree, it kept its promise. The most striking thing I learned was that Obama comes from an exceedingly dysfunctional family. Given his background, it is not hard to understand why he seems to hate America and its ideals and why he has spent most of his life running with Leftist revolutionary radicals. If the media had vetted the man as this movie does, I am am certain he would never have been elected, even considering the "zero" he was running against. One of the best parts of the movie was the analysis of the American electorate and why we voted to elect this strange, unqualified man to be our president. America needs to hear that analysis! It will make you think hard about the power you hold as a voter.
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Now I understand why the Americans do not see how much Obama hates America

By legal_immigrant
Written May 30, 2016
As a recent immigrant from a former colony, who lived in communist and socialist countries, I did not trust this Obama duo from the day Michelle said she felt like an American the 1st time in her life. Any event after that, any gaffe said off the teleprompter,whispering with Russian pres,apologizing for America all over the world was enough for legal immigrants like me, trying to achieve American dream, to see that this guy "HATES" AMERICA so much; we wondered why Americans, especially the liberals do not question any of his motives for his actions and the apparent "inactions" which were in fact his desired actions. Liberals/af. americans think he is one of their own, wanting to make some reparations for past, want big gov't but in their own way loves America. Even me and my friends who are from the later generation than D Souza, could not make the "Anti-colonialistic " angle; D'souza's reasoning is spot on, this feeling is shared by many unsuccessful people in 3rd world countries.
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