• Released
  • July 13, 2012
  • (Houston; 7/27 Limited)
  • PG , 1 hr 27 min
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Now I understand why the Americans do not see how much Obama hates America

By legal_immigrant
Written July 28, 2016
As a recent immigrant from a former colony, who lived in communist and socialist countries, I did not trust this Obama duo from the day Michelle said she felt like an American the 1st time in her life. Any event after that, any gaffe said off the teleprompter,whispering with Russian pres,apologizing for America all over the world was enough for legal immigrants like me, trying to achieve American dream, to see that this guy "HATES" AMERICA so much; we wondered why Americans, especially the liberals do not question any of his motives for his actions and the apparent "inactions" which were in fact his desired actions. Liberals/af. americans think he is one of their own, wanting to make some reparations for past, want big gov't but in their own way loves America. Even me and my friends who are from the later generation than D Souza, could not make the "Anti-colonialistic " angle; D'souza's reasoning is spot on, this feeling is shared by many unsuccessful people in 3rd world countries.
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A "must-see" for ALL

By summerwood critic
Written February 23, 2017
I never go to the movies because of the filth in language, so I googled this one for language content before I went. COULD NOT FIND anything!!!!! I was happy to find that after watching it....there is no bad language in it. Christian adults and teens are safe to attend this movie. It was excellent. I wish that everyone in the United States HAD to watch it. It is so truthful as to what Obama is and where he intends to take the United States. I agree with the previous critics...IF ONLY we all knew what he represented in 2008, he would not have been elected. If only the main stream media had told the truth, we would be much better off today. If only the Republican Party had voiced the truth about this man, our country would not have the government that is taking away all of our GOD given rights.
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Surprising at Several levels

By twclearman
Written July 27, 2016
I was expecting a Michael Moore-style hatchet job. It wasn't. I was expecting a high decibel denunciation based on ideological warfare. It wasn't. There are enormous voids in the Obama narrative. This is an excellent movie that attempts to provide, with some success, the answers to some perplexing questions that any dispassionate observer finds himself asking Just to name two: -Why his odd combination of solicitude for those who profess to hate us, and his demonstrated contempt for longstanding allies around the world? -Why the indifference to job creation and the weak economic focus coupled with the contradictory, single-minded pursuit of government expansion and debt accumulation? The movie will be hated by Obama's fan club, and probably loved by his detractors. But it should be most enlightening to the undecideds out there seeking for some thoughtful insight into the most publicized but least understood US president in history.
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By ilvusa2002
Written May 24, 2016
I was READY to SEE this moviei Have done MY HOMEWORK about Obama. ALSO see Dreams From My REAL Father video by Joel Gilbert. I read Crimes Against Liberty by David Limbaugh, The Amateur by Edward Klein, The Brief Against Obama by Hugh Hewitt, No Apology by Mitt Romney, Ameritopia by Mark Levin, Demonic by Ann Coulter -just to name a few. I listen to marklevinshow.com - PLEASE LISTEN to AUGUST 10, 2012 (Friday) and listen through the whole program including Ronald Reagan speaking! I went to the 1st showing at 10am and by the end of the movie I was compelled to STAND BEFORE MY FELLOW AMERICANS to get ALL THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS to the movie. AMERICA is in TROUBLE. I encouraged them to go to YouTube - The Obama Deception (full length version) for everyone to SEE. I said go to Amazon.com and review Dreams From My REAL Father - Frank Marshall Davis - YOU will connect the dots. I attended ALL the Obama 2016 shows til MIDNIGHT that day and STOOD BEFORE THEM ALL in my PLEA!
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Left or Right, everyone should see this!

By pleasantly surprised
Written March 29, 2017
I saw the trailer and wasn't sure what to expect before I saw the movie. I was so pleasantly surprised and left the theater thinking, "You know, no matter what your political orientation, everyone in America should see this film." It is so well done as a documentary and I thought what Obama's half-brother had to say was so very enlightening. The documentary is thorough and goes through Obama's childhood and the influences that shaped him as he grew up. What's important is that it really shows who the man came to be as an adult and what shaped his mind and heart. That information is so very important right now as we face the decision whether to give him another four years to complete the task he set himself to in 2008. By all means, do not miss this film!
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