• Released
  • July 13, 2012
  • (Houston; 7/27 Limited)
  • PG , 1 hr 27 min
  • Culture & Society
    Politics & Government
2016 Obama's America Synopsis
Scholar and author Dinesh D'Souza delves into President Obama's past for clues about the future.
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Movie Reviews

Probably not what you would expect

By Gym44
'2016' completely surprised me. I thought it would be an emotional exhortation to get out the vote against Obama. Instead it was a factual, unemotional documentary of Obama's life and cutlural...

Please save this greatest country of all!!!

By Emilshamis
My family came to America from Soviet Russia in the late 70th. We love this country dearly and this is so painful for us to see very clearly that this President wants to turn this country into...

Obama's America 2016

By egsvoboda
Extremely important movie! Regardless of how you feel about Obama, this movie provokes much thought about the man who is president of our great nation. D'Souza's thought process is remarkable. I...


By teacherintexas
We went today at 11:15 a.m (Sunday) & expected the theater to be empty. Quite the contrary, it was packed . . . and NOT with just white people either. I was glad to see that the movie did NOT...

This film is classy documentary on a President Obama

By Iamsain
We are all Americans no matter what person we elect into office. I think everyone would enjoy seeing this film and learning more facts not lies about Obama. This is a beautiful movie that tells just...

Finally a true story about Barack Hussein Obama is on the big screen!

By electrikn
2016 Obama's America is a true account much of the past of this man who we don't even know and his path to the White House and his intentions if he remains in it through 2016. Americans have been...

2016 Obama's America

By carl.swift
One of the best done documentaries I have ever seen. Very well researched and very professionally executed. While the author is obviously not a fan of Mr. Obama, his open minded, in depth research...

New Perspective on the President's World View

By EJS101
I was half expecting this to be a hit piece on the president but found it to be a well reasoned explanation to the motives and background that drive his decision making. The key point made is that...

A must-see!!

By melaniepalasi
This documentary is so clear and transparent!! Shows to definitely make Obama a one-term-president!!! Another 4 years of him will take USA to a tragedy unimaginable!! America needs to wake up!...

Obama's Real Adgenda

By deester1
In 2008 Obama promised America "Hope and Change" thru "transparency" in the White House! "We the People" failed miserably at "vetting" this "charismatic unknown", elected him President giving him...

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Rated PG | For Brief Language, Thematic Elements and Smoking Images
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Common Sense Media says Anti-Obama documentary trades objectivity for persuasion.
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