By Bible Prophecy
Written April 26, 2009
Jesus Christ said,"NO ONE KNOWS about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven,nor the Son, but ONLY THE FATHER." (Matthew 24:36).
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By cyruss
Written November 08, 2008
why would they make a movie about something stupid like this!
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Congratulations!! 2012 worse movie of the year

By migsar
Written November 14, 2009
The blu-ray DVD will look great on your home theater as ambient background for your next house party, but that's about it.. Definitely 2012 was just made for pure cheap entertainment, and never based on the 2012 mayan prophecies, that is all about the awakening of consciousness of human transformation and evolution. The movie message was,'there is NO spirituality or God in the world, we are just alone and only money will save us". The acting had a lack of credibility, while millions of people were dying, the only middle class family from California who survived, spent most of the their time trying to find a safe place to speak their inane dialogue and how Mommy's new boyfriend was squashed in the gears of a giant high-tech ark, so Daddy's back in the picture! What does it matter that billions die if that brings a family together in one big hug? . My fellows americans you better make a billion dollars by 2012 if you want to make it at the end of times. 2012 SUCKS!!
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Get to the picture.

By too_legit
Written April 23, 2012
This movie was dragging the "BIG HIT"for way too long. Super predictable plot, they could've did something different for once.
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Amazing Global Castastrophe Movie

By flixwatchergal
Written November 14, 2009
You get a bang for every buck you spend to see this film. There are multiple story lines so be careful not to get too distracted on all the wonderful spec effects. Cusack, Glover, and Harrelson were awesome. This film focuses on brains for survival where other disaster films have focused on brawn, most interesting. There are surprises, making this film unpredictable and edgy. If you are a fan of the disaster genre this film delivers earthquakes, volcanos, and sunamis all rolled in one! There are appropriately placed pockets of humor to make you laugh and touching scenes to make you cry. Movies rarely cause me to do either, but I did both watching this movie. This movie is not about theology although the film does depict a variety of religious icons. My concern is this movie may feed into the hype already being created in churches, media (like discovery channel), and survivalists groups about the coming of the end. I highly recommend this movie. Go and enjoy! Is this review helpful? :)
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