• Released
  • October 7, 2011
  • (Limited 10/7)
  • R , 2 hr 5 min
  • Action/Adventure
    Art House/Foreign


By Henrypan
Written October 10, 2011
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1911 Revolution

By Chanrhu
Written October 09, 2011
I enjoyed this film. It was a labor of love by Jackie Chan, who spent almost 20 years developing this story & making it as historically accurate as possible. I am so weary of critics lamenting about Jackie not doing his signature stunts or goofy comedy or artistic martial arts fight scenes & not allowing him to grow as a actor, which he deserves to do. This film clearly makes this point. There were a few things I had a problem with: often in the film there were subtitles & written comments about an event happening at the same time, so if you read the comments you missed the subtitles, or vice versa. They shouldn't have appeared at the same time as there was not enough time to read it all. Also, the comments/subtitles were presented in white font, which was often almost impossible to read against the background of the film. I was a bit confused as to why Huang cut off 2 fingers that hadn't been injured in the battle to save his hand. I do not recommend children see this film.
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Good movie.

By keiyin
Written October 14, 2011
It basically states the truth of history. Actors studied the characteristics of the historical people. They played well.
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By spind
Written October 17, 2011
This movie reminds one of Soviet propaganda films of the 1950s - important historical events put through an ideological meat grinder and historical figures reduced to one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs (e.g. the Dowager Empress, an extraordinary woman, presented here as an hysterical crybaby). At the end, the praise for the Communist Party was positively nauseating - Cultural Revolution, anyone?
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By noneedforaname
Written October 07, 2011
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