17 Miracles

By tspeterson
Written June 04, 2011
I did not count the number of miracles portrayed in the film, but there were many. The movie starts before the trek begins and ends before it is fully over, but the historical portions seem to be accurate. There was only a little in the movies I knew before it began. I was moved by the love, sacrifice, devotion, faith, perseverance and consecration of those portrayed in the movie. The movie is not technically perfect. It would not compare well with the movies we saw in the previews for its “Hollywood-ness”. But, it has other merits those films do not have. When the movie was over there were no cheers and there was no applause. Instead, above the few whispers, was a sense of reverence. Most of the crowd stayed until the last credit was shown. I believe that everyone felt the same sense of spirit that I felt. It was not surprising to me that I was deeply moved by this show. But, It was surprising to me that there were tears running down my cheeks a full hour after it was over.
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17 Miracles

By fandangofun
Written June 09, 2011
I thought this movie was very well done, very realistic, and well-worth seeing. The movie covered all emotions, from humor and joy, to devastation and hardship. My 7 year old grandson asked several questions throughout the movie, but also enjoyed it. I would rate it as one of the best LDS films I have seen.
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Wonderful re-telling of incredible sacrifice and suffering

By rcut
Written June 06, 2011
The movie was very sobering as it detailed some of the awful things experienced by two of the early handcart companies crossing the plains. However, a little comic relief and then the miracles interspersed throughout lift you up and make the movie watchable. I loved seeing photos of the real people at the end and learning what happened to them. Well worth your time and money.
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17 Miracles

By Veniece
Written June 05, 2011
Excellent depiction of the Willie Handcart Company. Well portrayed. An emotional viewing. Would like to have seen the movie end in the Salt Lake Valley.
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17 Miracles - Good for Mormon and non-Mormon alike.

By mcgrawjt
Written June 09, 2011
Go see this movie- you will not be disappointed. You do not need to be a Mormon to enjoy the triumph of human sprint in the face of such grueling hardship as shown in 17 Miracles. I felt an overwhelming sense of appreciation for the trials and tribulations these early pioneers faced making such a hazardous trek westward in the name of faith. 17 Miracles is an excellent compilation of events surrounding the most famous Mormon handcart company to cross the plains into Utah. (Willie & Martin) Very well acted with a compelling story line to link all the dissimilar events together in a way that provides an uplifting experience to both a Mormon and non-Mormon viewer alike. It helps to have a general familiarity with Mormon pioneer stories however it is not essential as the story line is about the human spirit against impossible odds and folly- not Mormon doctrine. Make sure you stay through the credits and view pictures of the actual participants.
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