Luv Zac Efron

By LisBaby
Written April 21, 2009
....but the movie was kind of lame. Not as funny as I thought it would be.
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Surprise! Surprise! Seriously I was surprised!

By Albabt2
Written April 09, 2009
I was going to rate it a just "go", but I'm put a "must go" because Zac Efron's performance was really good. It shows he actually has a future of being an actor not just a heartthrob. There is a great supporting cast, Leslie Mann is always fun to watch, Thomas Lennon was pretty awkward and funny but adorable at the same time. It is predictable but it's the what leads to the ending that's important, and it had drama and comedy but not too much of both. I recommend it for both adults, teens and older kids.
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Pleasantly Suprised!

By MovieRN
Written April 16, 2009
Went to see 17 Again at a sneak preview on Tuesday. I thought it was going to be described as been there see that, but it ws heart warming, and funny. Children, teenagers,and adults a like wiill enjoy this movie. I loved Thomas Lennon in this movie, he was funny even if he wasn't playing Deputy Dangle from Reno 911. Just go to the movies and enjoy! You will not be dissapointed.
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You know you want to experience the thrill. Don't miss out.

By baktruth
Written April 17, 2009
Let me start off my saying that this movie captures your heart. With the starting scene to the last, you come to love every second of the film. This movie is so cute and Zac Efron is unbelievably gorgeous. I expected this movie to be great but it went beyond my expectations, IT WAS AWESOME. Also with some of its witty and comedic scenes, it really pulls you in. I never wanted it to end. Oh and to all you Zac Efron fans.... you won't be disappointed. gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. :)
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This movie sucks!!!! HARD!!!!!!!!!!

By Shur'tugal
Written March 30, 2009
I'm sorry, but this movie is just a spin off of soo many movies that we have already seen. It's about a guy who life's sucks and he wants to be a teen again (17). They enjoy the spoils of highschool again, but then they have to protect their daughter or/and son. And then the kids turns away from him and he must correct his mistake. Then he gains back his kids respect and he turns back. It's just a repeat! And also Zac Effron is not a good actor. He can dance and sing i will give him that, but when it comes to acting, he act to save his life. So i don't think people should go and see this. Let Zac Effron go back and do kids movies and stay away from our PG-13 movies.
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