Don't see this alone!

By gypsy07
Written June 26, 2007
Stephen King has always managed to frighten me but oh my God! My burly 6'2" boyfriend even jumped a few times! John Cusack (as he always does!) is phenomenal in his performance. This movie frightens, makes you think, and even made me cry when Mike Enslin is made to face every parents worst nightmare.
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1408, its time to check out

By xxredheadjessxx
Written June 25, 2007
I saw this on opening night and I have to admit, there were some high intense scenes in this movie that had me on the edge of my seat. But for a room that was supposed to be "f****** evil" it was highly disappointing. What's supposed to represent the circles of hell came across as a cheesy, amusement park horror ride.
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By Hodrobond
Written June 22, 2007
this movie almost made me piss my pants, it was scary as hell. It had a normal King ending....and it did not involve torture like most of the "horror" movies nowadays. It was an actual horror movie and it was good.
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By Gerbodis
Written June 22, 2007
I saw 1408 at 12:01am because I had nothing to do. I have not read the book but heard it is a good transfer from text to screen. It really is TERRIFYING, with crazy events that have your mind constantly looking for an escape or an explanation. You will enjoy being scared. This movie is far from the typical thriller/horror movies today about kidnapping, rape, and torture. It is a mind game of a movie and it is not full of pointless, narrow-minded B.S (Die Hard 4), I would say it is the typical Stephen King thriller but with some great lessons to be learned. You will experience every kind of emotion during the film. John Cusack and the camera angles drop you into the room where you may even panic and scream at the events. Overall this film is fantastic and is a must see for those wanting to give their brain an exercise and escape the Action / Blockbuster / Kill em' All flicks this summer.
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By Bkwurm1
Written June 22, 2007
The film is good-- lots of scares and an interesting concept. The short story by Stephen King was much better. Had they successfully kept the feel of the original story, the film would have transcended from a good horror movie to what would have been considered a work of art. Still, it's worth a watch.
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