Riveting Must See!

By tamiabel
Written June 29, 2016
This movie was riveting! It did not bring me to full on tears because the story was so truthful, I found myself almost in shock that this type of injustice could ever exist and be depicted so vividly on screen. It's critical for all to see. The acting was superb. There was an interesting use of flashbacks to tell the story. Although there is nudity and implied sex, it's a history that young people need to see and understand.
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By lorette30
Written January 28, 2014
I found this movie highly disturbing. I know it is part of history, but I had to walk out due to the graphic details of shocking abuse.If you are at all sensitive to this kind of violence, don't go to the movie!!
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Well done!

By gr8advnture
Written December 25, 2013
The film was well done! Even though the story was heart-wrenching and hard to watch at times, the fact that these events actually happened kept me in my seat through the entire movie. The acting was superb and the story did not sugar coat anything, which I really appreciate about this film. You can't expel the truth, so the best thing to do is learn and grow from it. This movie has a few sexual scenes that may not be appropriate for adolescents and below. There are also plenty of derogatory racial terms used and violence, but again, that's to be expected in a movie about slavery - it was ugly, evil, and that isn't glossed over here.
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Phenomenal Film!

By cpeace67
Written January 26, 2014
This film shook me up. There were moments when I couldn't watch and others that I couldn't look away. One of the most profoundly moving and accurate portraits of one of the biggest human tragedies in American history. I don't think anyone can argue that slavery was a horrifying stain on our human psyche, a stain that remains for many in this land of the free. I recommend this movie to anyone who wishes to understand the toll of the savagery that took place and how even in the midst of this brutal experience, African-Americans survived. A remarkable story of courage, heartache and heartbreak. I was left speechless!
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An Interesting Story

Written January 24, 2014
I really enjoyed this movie. It was interesting and well thought out. I thought the main character was a good choice. I appreciated the subject matter and since itwas based on a true story I got a history lesson. I think that this movie portrays blacks in a good light. While a bit graphic it is for adults. But, I think that any avid movie goer can appreciate what this film has to offer!
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