Excellent Movie

By peaches737
Written November 08, 2013
I read the book first and the movie followed the book pretty close. Terrible things happen and I can just imagine what other horrible things happened during that time. Shameful history that must be told and never forgotten.
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Do no evil or embrace it

By yablum
Written November 10, 2013
A movie Hollywood would be incapable of making. A story extraordinaily well played, told, filmed and hitting you in the eyes and gut; reminding us of how easily mankind can justify and embrace evil in the name of God or some totalitarian leader (or both).
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Excellent but distressing

By paula767
Written November 10, 2013
This movie was very emotional and all-consuming. Excellent story, amazing acting. Oscar nominations are sure to come. But, boy, it may be the heaviest movie I've ever seen. I do feel that it's one of those movies that all Americans should see to understand that awful period of our history better.
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The Actors

By cccourt
Written November 11, 2013
Having read numerous reviews, I decided to discuss the cast. IF...and I would imagine it is few to none of you....IF you have not seen Chiwetel Ejiofor playing Lola in Kinky Boots (English movie released about 6 to 8 years ago) you can never appreciate his acting skills period. He underacts (which is necessary to his character) in this movie. He learns his place early on in this saga and learns how to survive his ordeal. Once the one or two or three of you discover Kinky Boots...and see his GREAT performance and then recall THIS movie, you will be astonished to see his range. Now to Michael Fassbender. OH MY GOD. I had seen him in PBS Masterpiece Theater production playing Rochester to Mia Wasilkowska's (sp?) Jane in Jane Eyre. He was perfect. I have seen him a few other times. Nothing compared to his Rochester. Until now. He will definitely be nominated. No one will have to "campaign" for him to win. He will just win or the academy will have gotten it terribly wrong!
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By rjacobi1
Written November 10, 2013
If the movie is true to the tale than this is a very disturbing movie. Great acting but the pretentious language used by the slaves was a little bothersome. It sounded more like Shakespeare than how people would really talk.
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