By seibm
Written August 24, 2016
this is a powerful and moving movie! it is not for the faint. take a look and peak into the world of one person, of many african americans, who suffered unimaginable injustice in our history. at the same time today atrocities are committed every day in the world and decide if we have the power to make changes for the better.
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12 Years a Slave

By mzvanita
Written November 15, 2013
This movie is a reminder of how cruel humans can be and no one should ever forget history because even in the 21st century these attitudes still exist.
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Do no evil or embrace it

By yablum
Written November 10, 2013
A movie Hollywood would be incapable of making. A story extraordinaily well played, told, filmed and hitting you in the eyes and gut; reminding us of how easily mankind can justify and embrace evil in the name of God or some totalitarian leader (or both).
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Excellent but distressing

By paula767
Written November 10, 2013
This movie was very emotional and all-consuming. Excellent story, amazing acting. Oscar nominations are sure to come. But, boy, it may be the heaviest movie I've ever seen. I do feel that it's one of those movies that all Americans should see to understand that awful period of our history better.
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Excellent movie but at times, hard to watch

By jakbeijing
Written October 26, 2013
It was a very well done movie. Excellent story and acting. However, it is a very sad and difficult to watch at times. There was a lot of brutality, but overall it is definitely worth seeing. However, if you have troubles watching human suffering and serious brutality, you may want to miss this.
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