12 Years a Slave

By sjbedell
Written November 12, 2013
Solomon Northup's book (same title) was MUCH better than the movie). McQueen took a couple of liberties that were not honest and somewhat unbelievable. (Former overseer actually picking cotton with the slaves AND a black mistress of slave owner's plantation living the part of a queen). But, the general presentation of slavery and it's unbelievable cruelty were accurately - abhorrently so - displayed. The lead actor was excellent but supporting roles, such as Master Tibbets and the first slave pen owner were very poorly acted in my opinion. Worth seeing as slavery is our history but not a well directed movie for me. Maybe 2 stars.
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Jacksonville, Florida is not showing t12 Years a Slave in not one theater.

By borntomotivate
Written October 31, 2013
I know I will see the movie and I am HIGHLY disappointed I cannot see it here in Jacksonville, Florida.....that says a LOT! I will see it though.
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Must See!!!

By savethehobbits
Written March 27, 2017
This film is the definition of a human triumph. A free man, who is enslaved, fights for his freedom again. This is the plot for a true heartwarming story about 19th century slavery. This joins Schindler's List as one of the best true historical dramas ever.
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12 Years a Slave is Oscar worthy

By orolle
Written November 02, 2013
This is a movies that is exciting from beginning to end. It touches the emotions and the intellect. A moving historical drama that is not just an African American story but a story for all of humanity.
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Twelve Years A Slave

By Javajive
Written November 08, 2013
Heart-wrenching, Epic and essential must see Historical movie about the tragedies-inhuman Institution of Slavery and the brave Black people of African descent that endured such cruelty conditions for nearly 400 yrs. Black American men, women and children of African descent that went through such an painful-horrific inhuman treatments (I pay and give much homage/honors to those Brave Souls that wanted a better life for generations to come...'Rest In Peace) and "many/millions" of them had the well power, strength and Spirit to survive. EXCELLENT all Star Casting: Chiwetel Ejiofor - 12 Yrs. A Slave, is OSCAR worthy.
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